I'm not quite sure whether my post belongs here, or somewhere else, but I'm going to place it here because it does have to do with writing topics.

Here's the background of my request. In about 3 months' time, I'll be applying to a translation and interpretation program, and part of the application process involves a timed English writing test. Part of that test will involve applicants listening to a spoken passage, and answering separately two questions: 1. write in 16 lines what the talk was about and 2. some form of a question that asks the applicant to make some form of a personal connection with the passage.

The reason why I'm making a post here is because if I want to think up of my own number 2 question, I need to listen to the passage or read the transcript first. However, by doing that, I defeat the purpose of practicing my note-taking skills or writing skills with that passage since I already am familiar with it. In order to avoid this situation, I require the help of someone else to read the transcript and think of a suitable question.

The school I'm going to apply to has released previous exams that were administered in the past, and doing a Google search of lines from the passages have shown that the school has used TED talks and podcasts as test material. Below is a list of past sources, and questions issued for each source:

Source 1: http://www.ted.com/talks/margaret_he...pt?language=en
Question: Give an example of a personal experience which is similar to that which Alice experienced.

Source 2: http://podacademy.org/podcasts/anosm...ense-of-smell/
Question: Describe a personal experience in which a particular smell evoked past memories.

Source 3: https://www.ted.com/talks/charmian_g...pt?language=en
Question: Have you ever experienced, seen or heard about an injustice taking place? Describe it and explain how you dealt with it.

My request is basically as follows: can a member of the forum go through the following sources, and think of questions that are similar to the three questions that I have just listed above?