Nowadays, there are several ways to control air pollution, and one of the most reasons causing the air pollution is overusing of cars. In this regard, while some people maintain that governments should increase the charge of petrel, there are others holding the view that this change is not helpful. As far as I am concerned, increasing the price of fuel can be beneficial for lessening the air pollution in that not only it makes people use their own cars less, but also it causes that governments find a new source of revenue for solving pollution problems.
The first point should be mentioned here is that individuals use more public transportation when the cost of petrel is raised. For saving money, ones are encouraged to use more public transportation. In addition, the incentive of people could be doubled, if they see the effect of reducing air pollution. They could use subway being faster and more economically relative to their cars. A lot of unnecessary and short distance driving can be substituted by riding a bicycle helping to keep one's healthy.
Another reason which can be seen by everyone is that raising the fee of fuel can be accounted as a new way of income for governments. The amount of money which can be earned from this way should be used for reforming public transportation systems. An example which can be mentioned here is that improving both quantity and quality of busses and taxies. The more high quality of them, the more people use them. Also, the high quantity of public transportation meaning the number of them should be increased can help to high accessibility.
By taking to account all the aforementioned reason, one might come to the conclusion that increasing the cost of fuel could help to decrease air pollution. People are enticed to use the public transportation since it is cost effective for them. Furthermore, governments by increasing the budget for public transportation systems could encourage people to use it. It is highly recommended that governments should raise the price of fuel to control air pollution.