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    Lightbulb Using Quotations and Periods

    I've always been taught that periods, question marks, etc. always go inside quotation marks, but what about if the name of a song or the name of a newspaper article is at the end of the sentence?
    I really like the song "Ska Sucks".
    ^^ Is that correct? It seems that a period outside the quotations would be correct because the period is not in the song name.

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    Re: Using Quotations and Periods

    Welcome, KingMetalx.

    Choose the one you like, but be consistent.

    US: I really like the song "Ska Sucks." inside
    UK: I really like the song "Ska Sucks". outside
    Australia: I really like the song "Ska Sucks". outside

    Note, (guidline for Australian English) if the punctuation belongs to the quote, it goes inside the quote, but if it belongs to the sentence outside the quote, it goes outside the quote. Source
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