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    Smile Hello,I need your help.

    Hello,everybody.I am a fresher in china.And I am english major.since I want to promote my english,I need your help.
    my teacher told us to listen to VOA every morning,but I found there are so many new words for me.Can you tell me some words that usually used in VOA or BBC?
    thank you.
    I wish I can make friend with you.

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    Re: Hello,I need your help.

    That's very difficult because it is impossible to predict which stories will be in the news. However, what you can do is to read the same stories on a different news site, which will help familiarise yourself with the story and, in all probability, much of the vocab. I don't know which news portals or online newspapaers are available to you in China, but you could say, read the story on the Times (, then listen. Or the other way round.

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    Smile Re: Hello,I need your help.

    Thank you


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