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    A sympathetic tanging string

    "He addressed Maskull by name, in an extraordinary voice. It had a double tone. The primary one sounded far away; the second was an undertone, like a sympathetic tanging string." source: A voyage to Arcturus

    can you help me understand the words "like a sympathetic tanging string"? I have searched the meanings of sympathetic sounds, tang, tanging, and string, but I cannot figure it out as a whole. What kind of a tone is the second tone according to this definition?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: A sympathetic tanging string

    I can only think it's a typo for 'twanging'.

    Even so, it's not a good metaphor. Undamped strings on musical instruments vibrate sympathetically without being twanged.

    • sympathetic
    • relating to vibrations occurring as a result of similar vibrations in a neighbouring body: sympathetic strings on a sitar

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