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    It's the berries


    Can anybody help me with the bold text?

    "Red Donovan laughed harshly. Nuts! Yeah, they sure were a hot delegation. Wanting him to join up with theirmob! Well, that was okay. Leave? Not with that gold lying loose all over the place! No—when he pulled out he'd be dragging heavy!
    "You know our law?" the prospector asked.
    " 'Honor your neighbor'," Red Donovan quoted glibly.
    "And you accept?"
    "Sure! It's the berries. Ya got something there."
    Hell, it wasn't even good fun to kid these loonies. It gave him the creeps someway. Oh, well—he could stand it just a little longer. Lay low. Play wise. Watch his chance, then lam! Who could stop him when he had the only gat in the whole damn dump?
    "It will not be easy, Red Donovan," the old prospector solemnly warned. Donovan jumped—stared, wide-eyed at the smiling old man. "But if you want peace, friend, we shall help you to forget all that you are and have been."

    O.M.Cabral, Mirage, 1941

    I know what berries are but in the context it seems a little bit out of place because there is no mention of berries in the whole story ...

    Thank you

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    Re: It's the berries

    This is archaic slang from the 1920's meaning something good or pleasing.

    I've never heard it before now.

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