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Thread: Tip the scales

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    Tip the scales


    Can a good soul enlighten me on the meaning of the bold text?

    "The storekeeper methodically set scales on the counter, untied buckskin strings, and ladled out precious yellow dust with a sugar scoop. Red Donovan's eyes fixed on the weighted balance—bulged incredulously. Gold! Precious dust in both sacks! And the bearded boob had left one outside!
    "That does it fine. A hundred-eigh- teen, a teeny bit more or less."
    From under the plank counter the storekeeper lifted a wooden box filled with fruit jars. Some were empty, others were filled to the brim. Two held only rough nuggets. Carelessly he tipped the scales. Gold—dull yellow dust—spilled into a jar. The storekeeper pushed the box back under the counter."

    O.M.Cabral, Mirage, 1941


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    Re: Tip the scales

    Well, it can be an idiom meaning to try and adjust the odds in favor of something or somebody, but in this case it's a literal meaning.

    He lifted up the weighing pan on a balance scale to empty the gold into a jar.

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