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    Burn city lights


    I can not make head or tail of the bold text at all so I would like to ask somebody who knows the ropes what the author means.

    Two days to the mountains. In maybe a week after that, he'd be burning city lights. The heat would be on about
    that Mojave business, but even if he took a pinch he'd beat the rap. That would be easy fixed. Red Donovan, shooting high, riding the ball!

    O.M.Cabral, Mirage, 1941


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    Re: Burn city lights

    he'd be burning city lights - reference to the times before electrical lighting, when city lights were natural gas or torches. In two weeks, he'd be in town.
    took a pinch - got put in jail or arrested
    he'd beat the rap.
    get the charges or case dismissed, be free to leave
    shooting high, -reference to wildly shooting your guns up in the air in celebration
    riding the ball! - don't really get this reference myself. Still has something to do with partying, or celebrating.

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