As far as I am concerned, assigning a considerable budget on improving schools has a wealth of advantages in that not only do students build the future of countries, but it also helps to enhance the culture of a society.

The first reason which should be mentioned here is that teenagers are both immeasurable treasures and the main pillars of a country. Thanks to high equipped laboratories, students can become aware of the latest technology, and broaden their minds. They always have new creative ideas for solving problems. Audacity between young people lets them to give innovative opinions because they see situations from different perspectives. For these reasons, improving schools provides students with showing their abilities and talents. Should government invest in the education, they would see the thriving their industries, agricultures and medicines and so on.
Another reason which should be seen by everyone is that enhancing the education leads to improving the level of culture in a society. The more high educated people increase, the more level of welfare of people ameliorate. Families are more encouraged to send their children to study in the highest level of education. Equally apart that, high educated individuals can play several key roles in the society. For example, they can be good leaders or politicians amending the some less effective roles and helping the community to propel in a flourishing way.
By taking into account all the aforementioned reasons, one might come to the conclusion that it is an undisputable fact that if governments increase the budget on the education system, they would benefit in several ways. Students will undertakes the substantial roles in the near future, and governments should help them to prepare for their future careers. As a results, the culture of countries is reached a higher level. It is highly recommended that governments have an especial approach in the education system.