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    I have an assignment would somebody give a help/advise thanks
    Assignment is (Draw up a plan, either for a project/Assignment a series of Tutorials, or a One-to-One (coaching)session, following the parameters laid down by Keller in his PSI. Indicate in each case how you would maximize the advantages and minimize or eliminate the disadvantages of your chosen project.

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    Re: hvkesici


    Sorry, we try not to do homework assigments. But we can guide you through if you'd like. Is there a specific question you have about the assignment?

    All the best.

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    Re: hvkesici

    Hello Casiopa, How can a draw a plan or make project for one to one teaching
    have a nice day

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    Re: hvkesici

    I trust these sites will help.

    How to write a lesson plan

    The Personalized System of Instruction (PSI)

    The difference between teaching a group of students and teaching one student (i.e., one-on-one) is in the timing and the activities. You've just the one student so the activites won't take as long as they would if you had a group of students.

    Additional information

    Keller divides the process for creating PSI into four steps:

    1. Determine the material to be covered in the course.
    2. Divide the material into self contained modules (segments).
    3. Create methods of evaluating the degree to which the learner has conquered the material in a given module.
    4. Allow learners to move from module to module at their own pace

    The five essential features of a personalized course are:

    (1) The go-at-your-own-pace feature, which permits a student to move through the course at a speed commensurate with his ability and other demands upon his time.
    (2) The unit-perfection requirement for advance, which lets the student go ahead to new material only after demonstrating mastery of that which preceded.
    (3) The use of lectures and demonstrations as vehicles of motivation, rather than as sources of critical information.
    (4) The related stress upon the written word in teacher-student communication; and, finally:
    (5) The use of proctors, which permits repeated testing, immediate scoring, almost unavoidable tutoring, and a marked enhancement of the personal-social aspect of the educational process." (italics in the original)

    All the best.

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    Re: hvkesici

    Hi Casiopea

    Many thanks for your information
    I have one more question. Does one to one teaching mean to teach only one student(like private teaching) or When you teach in the classroom you teach one by one to each students.

    Have a nice day


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    Re: hvkesici

    To me, it's one student and one teacher.


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