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    Need help with structure using V-ing

    Hi teacher, I have 3 following sentences:

    -I was right picking her as the winner of the game.
    -It makes me bored watching the movie alone.
    -I'm getting depressed looking at you.

    understanding the meaning, I still quite wonder why they use "V-ing" here. Because if I want to describe the same ideas I would say:
    -I was right to pick her...
    -It makes me bored to watch...

    So What is the structure using "V-ing" here? Is there any difference in meaning between 2 ways? And when do I should use "to-V" as well as "V-ing" in these cases?

    Thanks for helping a lot

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    Re: Need help with structure using V-ing

    Your -ing words are participles acting as modifiers. Your -to words are infinities acting as modifiers.

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