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    smells but of learning
    The unlearned or foolish fantastical, that smells but of learning (such fellows as have seen learned men in their days) will so Latin their tongues, that the simple cannot but wonder at their talk, and think surely they speak by some revelation.

    What does smells but of learning mean?
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    I need native speakers' help.

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    Re: smells but of learning

    Here it means they're not really educated or learned, but they just appear to be because they know a little bit of Latin from listening to truly educated men.

    This is really old, archaic language. If I can make a suggestion, it really seems like a waste of your time to pour over language that is 475 years old. English has changed a great deal in that amount of time. This is difficult for even native speakers to parse.

    Unless you are working on a college degree in English Medieval or Renaissance literature, your time would be better spent reading more contemporary works.

    Even works written in the early 1900's will have noticeably different syntax, grammar, and vocabulary than modern usage.

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