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    Good points


    Can anybody explain to me the bold text?

    Our road lay through the bazaar, close to a little temple of Hanuman, the Monkey-god, who is a leading divinity worthy of respect. All gods have good points, just as have all priests. Personally, I attach much importance to Hanuman, and am kind to his people—the great gray apes of the hills. One never knows when one may want a friend.

    Rudyard Kipling, The Mark Of The Beast

    Thank you

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    Re: Good points


    To me, he is saying that despite some of their bad characteristics all gods have some good characteristics as well, just like all priests. [i.e. He believes that priests, who are the representatives of the gods on earth, are the same as them, not all good, but with a mixture of light and dark attributes to their personalities.]

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