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    I need some help to checkmy mtivation essay

    I would like some help to check my motivation essay, to apply for a MBA with scholarship. This is the Letter. In advance thank you so much for yur help.

    September xst, 2015
    Prof. Dr. xxx xxxxxxxxx
    Director of xxx
    04009 Leipzig, Germany

    Dear Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger,

    I am writing this letter to express my interest on being part of the ‘MBA in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Development’ at Universität Leipzig, starting in October 2016. Since I consider that my academic background, work experience and my expectations for the future are aligned with the focus and main objectives of this program.

    I want to apply to this MBA program because it has many features that make it very fascinating, for example its international-multicultural learning environment or its high quality accreditation, it is also impressive that this is the only MBA worldwide specialized on the promotion of SMEs, but the most important motivation is the graduate’s profile at the end of the course. The skills and training obtained will be helpful for my professional career and to impulse businesses in my work network.

    Specifically talking about some program details, the courses of international economics, international marketing and the internationalization of SMEs in the curriculum program, interest me a lot. Finally the practical training in firms dedicated to the promotion of SME’s in Europe is an incentive that makes this opportunity even more appealing to me.

    Once I graduate from this MBA program, my professional goal will be to work as a consultant for companies in my country, to get to know many kinds of industries and organizations, gain many information about the market dynamics and learn from different cases. Then eventually I will create my own consultant firm to help other companies to achieve their success and improvement.

    In my country, Colombia one of the weaknesses for SMEs is the lack of advisors, who can discuss the strategies with managers and advise them how to invest the revenues of the company. I want to contribute to the improvement of the local economy by advising organizations in and helping them to follow the most probable path of success. Either as internal or external consultant, I will encourage the managers to introduce innovative strategies to keep the competitiveness.

    I consider that I am a right candidate for this program because, I strongly believe that small and medium businesses play and decisive part in the development of nationals economies and because of such important role, all the efforts should focus in making them stronger.
    There are also some characteristics of my personality that makes me a good candidate. I am a very social person that enjoys the work team. In group situations I usually want to take leadership, because I prefer to be the decision maker rather than follow the decisions, but each time paying attention to the team members’ opinions. I have a high level of commitment to responsibilities; I try to work with efficiency and careful planning because it is very important to me knowing my available resources and the deadlines. I am a quiet person that usually stays calm facing pressure situations and I try not being resistant to changes because I believe that changes bring progress.

    Even before I graduated from university, I have worked in a Small Enterprise dedicated to electrical and structured cabling assemblies called SINGPRO COLOMBIA S.A.S, in the position of ‘Commercial and Administrative Assistant’, thus, I have maintained constant communication with other SMEs like our vendors and clients, so for the Colombian case, I know SMEs very well. Therefore I can discuss in the courses my work experience and with the others students, this should be an important contribution for the academic formation.

    At university, I chose my major in Industrial Engineering and I knew that companies in Colombia had a lot of potential for improvement and I wanted to be part of this economy development. To accomplish this, I took many courses of management, economy, finances, engineering etc., in order to have a wide range of information and criteria to make accurate decisions. Besides the academic formation at the university, I was part of a student association and I participated in many workshops and seminars about leadership and soft skills for managers. Thanks to this academic experience, I obtained leadership skills, more experience in team work and personal confidence.

    Finally I must add that I had the fortune to visit Germany in December 2012, with a group of classmates, we won a scholarship awarded by DAAD, in the program Study Trips for Student Groups and we visited many universities, research centers and even the AIRBUS plant in Hamburg. Besides this, the country is a benchmark of development to any country in the world, there are many aspects in German society that are worthy to study and adapt as a model for my community, but there is one I found particularly proper for the Colombian case, the integration of the SMEs ‘Mittelstand’ to economy clusters that involve bigger companies, that supports and stimulates them to innovate and get better results. Those are other important reasons that made me chose Germany as my study destination.

    Thank you for considering my application. I am truly committed with this opportunity and if God blesses me, to be accepted to this program, I will work with discipline but also with enthusiasm.


    __________________________________________________ ___

    COLOMBIAN ID xxxxxxxxxx.

    CEL: +57 xxxxxxxxx
    E-MAIL: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Re: I need some help to checkmy mtivation essay

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