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Thread: breakfast

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    I am a chinese student,I want to know what westen people usually eat in the morning?

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    Re: breakfast

    Hello, heby.

    Here's a Canadian breakfast menu. Click here.

    Here's a typical American breakfast. Click here.

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    Re: breakfast

    I'm English, and I usually 'eat' a cup of coffee for breakfast. But anywhere else in the world, a "Full English Breakfast" usually means a very unhealthy meal of fried or grilled bacon, fried eggs, fried or grilled sausages, fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, baked beans and optionally, one or more of fried bread, chips, and black pudding. A "Continental Breakfast" (European) is usually fruit juice, croissants and some combination of cold meats and cheese. Interestingly, I was in Bulgaria recently, and the hotel offered a "Full Irish Breakfast" and a "Full English Breakfast" - the only difference apparently being that the Irish one included sausages, and the English one included chips .

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    Re: breakfast

    I still opt for cold pizza or dinner left overs. The American standard of cold or hot cereals does not appeal to me. My hamster eats things that are very similar looking.

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