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    Which words are correct

    Hi, I have a few questions about the following sentence. Can I have some advice please.

    The following numbers have been mixed up. Arrange/rearrange them into/ in the correct category.

    Is it arrange OR rearrange. ( I *think* rearrange because they are mixed up?)

    Is it into OR in the (correct category) (into sounds better but I'm not sure)

    If it is 'in the correct category' - is it 'in the' OR 'in their correct category (this just came to mind but I'm sure it's 'the')

    Thank you very much

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    Red face Re: Which words are correct


    "Rearrange" works better in this example because as you said, they've already been mixed up.

    "into" would also be a better option if you are rearranging and sorting them into the correct categories.

    in your last example, "their" and "the" both work equally well. :)

    I hope this helped!

    You can watch this channel for additional help with English:

    Thanks. :)
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    Re: Which words are correct

    I agree with Jasmine.

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