Hello everyone. I prepared a text for Integrated Writing (a part of TOEFL). Please check it and correct my mistakes. I mean that are both the grammar and planning of the text available for integrated writing in TOEFL? Thanks’ for your answering.
However the reasons and main idea which is written in the my text is not logical. (I will change it during the exam, it is symbolic.)


Both the lecturer and reading passage referred about doing sport. However, speech of the lecturer and the main idea which was referred in the text contradicted each other. On the contrary of the text, the lecturer asserted that playing basketball is unhealthy by given 3 reasons.

First, the lecturer began to argue his reasons by saying that playing basketball is unhealthy. However, in contrast to lecturer, it was written in the passage that playing basketball is healthy.

Second, according to the text, playing football is dangerous. But, the lecturer mentioned that playing basketball is not dangerous.

Finally, the idea that playing basketball is dangerous was stated in the passage. But the lecturer told that playing basketball is dangerous.