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    Question That and Just

    What is the role "that" and "just" to contain the newspaper heading below? Thanks in advance.

    That Pluto Probe Just Might Save Earth

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    Re: That and Just

    This is my understanding of it.

    "That" is being used to refer to "something that is already known about" (meaning A1: ) i.e. Most of the readers will have already heard about the Pluto probe, and indeed the writer assumes that everyone knows about it.

    "Just", I think, is being used in its form which expresses the fact that there is only a slight chance of something happening. (Meaning B1 "be possible": ).

    So, "That Pluto Probe Just Might Save Earth" = "[You already know about] That Pluto Probe [,it is pretty unlikely but it] Just Might Save Earth".

    Others can probably explain it better.
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