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    painting scenic backdrops

    Artists had had high expectations when the projects started. Douglas Lynch, in
    Portland, Oregon, had been eking out a living painting scenic backdrops for department store
    window displays.
    When he heard the news it was as if “we artists had received a commission
    from the Medicis.” Printmaker and lithographer Will Barnet viewed Federal One as overdue
    recognition by the government that the arts deserved public support. “It was one of the
    greatest efforts in history to make a democracy a democracy

    What does the underlined mean?

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    Re: painting scenic backdrops

    not a teacher

    eking out a living = making just barely enough money to live on
    Definition #2:

    Department stores sometimes have window displays in which various items, like holiday clothing or camping goods, might be exhibited against scenic backgrounds. The artist was employed to paint these backgrounds.

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