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    Smile crude enjoyment

    Hello. I'm wondring what "crude" means in this context below.
    Could it mean "simple" or something?
    Please help. Thank you.

    (Gappers are imaginary creatures about the size of a baseball with multiple eyes who love but bother goats.
    Originally 1500 gappers split into three groups, but now they all moved into one girl's yard. So Mrs. Romo, who lives next door, is trying to move her house as far away from the girl's. )

    ----from <The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip> by George Saunders
    "Hello dear!" Mrs. Romo said. "Hope you don't mind-I'm moving my house as far away from yours as I possibly can!
    After we spoke earlier, it occurred to me that the only thing separating my yard from your yard is a picket fence.
    Which gappers could easily squeeze through! And one thing I don't need at this point is a yard full of gappers!
    I suppose they don't bother you anymore, you're probably used to them, you probably even take a kind of crude enjoyment in them,
    but my boys are made of more sensitive stuff, and mustn't be distracted from their singing careers!"

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    Re: crude enjoyment

    Yes, to me, in this conext, it means "simple" or "basic".

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    Re: crude enjoyment

    Unsophisticated/not refined

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