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    Question As already mentioned...

    Hi: Suppose I am writing a paper. When I want to refer to something that has already been said in the paper, should I write
    1. "As we have already mentioned,..." or
    2. "As already mentioned,..." or
    3. "As mentioned earlier,..." or maybe
    4. "As mentioned before,..."?
    The most important is a choice between the first two; I would choose the first one, for grammatical reasons, but I suppose that both are equally correct. The second one wins in Google Scholar, but it may be applied in some other situations.

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    Re: As already mentioned...

    "As already mentioned..." is the most natural, in formal writing. "As we have already mentioned..." is too stilted in my opinion. To me, it would instantly indicate an ESL/EFL writer, unless it were used specifically to indicate particular emphasis of a point.

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