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Thread: Day Vs The day

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    Day Vs The day


    I would appreciate it if you could give these sentences the once-over.

    A) I usually stay out during the day. (we've used Article "the" because we are referring to a specific part of a day which is daytime as opposed to night in this case )
    B) During day she works at a motel and at night she sleeps.

    so we have used day in the same context as sentence A ,implication is the same ,so why we have used "the day" in one sentence and just "day" in other when both means daytime only ?

    Once again ,
    a) Days are short and nights are long.
    b) The days are short and the nights are long.

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    Re: Day Vs The day

    Quote Originally Posted by gurpreetgill4u View Post
    B) During day she works at a motel and at night she sleeps.
    That's not natural. I'd write During the day ...

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