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    Law of Revelation


    Can anybody help me in understanding the phrase Law of Revelation in the text below?

    Of course, he went mad; but, beforehand, told me
    this singular thing: that precisely such a sense as his was, according to his
    certain intuition, employed by the Supreme Being in his permeation of space to
    apprehend the nature and movements of mind and matter. And he went on to add
    that Sin—what we call sin—is only the movement of matter or mind into such
    places, or in such a way, as to give offence or pain to this delicate
    diplacusis (so I must call it) of the Creator; so that the 'Law' of Revelation
    became, in his eyes, edicts promulgated by their Maker merely in
    self-protection from aural pain; and divine punishment for, say murder, nothing
    more than retaliation for unease caused to the divine aural consciousness by
    the matter in a particular dirk or bullet lodged, at a particular moment, in a
    non-intended place! Him, too, I say, did the Harpies whisk aloft."

    M.P.Shiel, Vaila, 1896

    Thank you

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    Re: Law of Revelation

    Hello again,

    The "Law of Revelation", as I understand it, relates to the mysteries contained within the scriptures, and how they only become understandable, or "revealed", to the true or studious believer. (First paragraph).

    Diplacusis is a hearing disorder, where one sound is heard differently as two sounds; one sound per ear.

    The author is saying that God has a hearing defect in order to limit who can bother him with questions, demands or pleas. He says that God has made the mysteries, or hidden meanings, in the scriptures deliberately difficult to find, or reveal, as a form of "self-protection". This is because he wants to limit who is going to bother him, by limiting the number of people who can fully understand those scriptures.

    He then goes on to say that, in a similar way "divine punishment" for murder is simply God's retaliation for "hurting his ears and disturbing his consciousness" by the act of the murderer putting a dagger or bullet into someone.

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