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    Interboreal and cimmerian


    Am I right to understand the word Cimmerian means dark, gloomy and Interboreal means arctic/freezing?

    " ... It was the Cimmerian December of those interboreal
    latitudes. The weather here, they said, though never cold, is hardly ever other
    than tempestuous. A dense and dank sea-born haze now lay, in spite of vapid
    breezes, high along the waters enclosing the boat in a vague domed cavern of
    doleful twilight and sullen swell. The region of the considerable islands was
    past, and there was a spectral something in the unreal aspect of silent sea and
    sunless dismalness of sky which produced upon my nerves the impression of a
    voyage out of nature, a cruise beyond the world."

    M.P.Shiel, Vaila, 1896

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Interboreal and cimmerian

    Yes. Cimmerian means dark and gloomy. Apparently it relates to a mythical land of perpetual darkness.

    Daylight hours in Shetland in December are very short.

    Boreal is a term relating to the north, or the north wind.

    One of the meanings of the prefix "Inter-" is "between or among".

    So, to me, "interboreal latitudes" means "among the latitudes of the north, or north wind".


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