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    "Tossing mad bulls in a blanket"?

    "It is odd if, after a while, he doesn't swear that the moon shone every night when he was a boy, and that tossing mad bulls in a blanket was the favorite sport at his school."

    Hello, can anyone explain to me what the underlined part means? (from "The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Man" by Jerome K. Jerome)
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    Re: "Tossing mad bulls in a blanket"?

    A blanket toss is a game or activity where a group of people grab hold of a blanket. One person sits in the middle of the blanket. The group of people try to coordinate their movements in order to shake the blanket up and down, eventually building up enough momentum to throw that person into the air and even completely off the blanket.

    In Jerome's story, he is exaggerating some of the memories the person had as a child. Not only did the moon shine every night, but they did blanket tosses with mad (angry) bulls instead of other small children.

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