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Thread: fish about it

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    Smile fish about it

    Hello. I don't quite follow what "about it" means in the underlined sentence below.
    I understand the underlined sentence means "I wouldn't start fishing at the start, if I were you."
    Am I right? Please help. Thank you.

    ----from <The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip> by George Saunders
    "What will do do then? Having sold your goats?"said Carol Ronsen.
    "Fish," said Capable.
    This was a shocker. The people of Frip did not fish. Sid's great grandfather had been the richest man in the town, and once he got a goat, everyone wanted a goat, and fishing went out of style, and now fishing was considered something one did only if one was not bright enough to acquire a goat.

    "If you want my advice?" said Sid Ronsen. "Work harder. Actually, don't work harder, work smarter.
    Be more efficient than you've ever been before. In fact, be more efficient than is physically possible. I know that's what I'd do."
    "That's also what I would do," said Bea Romo.
    "I certainly wouldn't start fishing about it," said Sid.
    But Capable knew she had tried her best, and her best hadn't worked, and rembered her mother once saying: Just because a lot of people are saying the same thing loudly over and over, doesn't mean it's true.

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    Re: fish about it

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Frindle:

    Your question fascinated me so much that I did some googling.

    I discovered that this children's story (for children and adults) is so charming that it may be made into a motion picture.

    To answer your question, I believe that one must know a little more about the story:

    1. Frip is a village.
    2. Three familes live there: the Romos, the Ronsens, and Capable with her dad.
    3. Gappers are little creatures that attach to goats and prevent the goats from giving milk.
    4. The children of the three families spend all day pulling the gappers off the goats.
    5. One day the gappers decide to attack ONLY the goats of Capable.
    6. The two other familes refuse to help her. They say something like: "Well, since you are now the only victim, you must be doing something wrong. And we must be doing something right."

    Therefore, in my opinion, when Sid says, "I certainly wouldn't start fishing about it," I take it to mean something like: "The gappers are attacking your goats. The solution to your problem ["about it"] is NOT to start fishing." Sid tells her to "work smarter. Be more efficient." He is telling her that the gappers no longer bother her neighbors' goats because her neighbors are apparently smart and efficient.

    She ignores them and does start to fish.

    And, of course, the gappers then start attacking the goats of her neighbors!

    P.S. If another member shows that I am wrong, I (or a moderator) will, of course, immediately delete this post.

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    Re: fish about it

    I think it means, "because of it" or "as a result of it", as in "I wouldn't start crying about it."

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