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    "Do up to six times" (Please delete the previous post)

    I'm posting again, because I couldn't reply to the previous topic. Please delete that one.

    It's from "The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Man" by Jerome K. Jerome.

    Wider context:

    "We don't talk much at first, but look at one another; I down at his curly hair and little blue bow, he up sideways at me as he trots. And some-how I fancy the shy, round eyes do not altogether approve of me, and he heaves a little sigh, as though he were disappointed. But after awhile his bashfulness wears off and he begins to chat. He tells me his favorite fairy-tales, he can do up to six times, and he has a guinea-pig, and pa says fairy-tales ain't true; and isn't it a pity? 'cos he would so like to be a knight and fight a dragon and marry a beautiful princess. But he takes a more practical view of life when he reaches seven, and would prefer to grow up be a bargee, and earn a lot of money. Maybe this is the consequence of falling in love, which he does about this time with the young lady at the milk shop aet. six. (God bless her little ever-dancing feet, whatever size they may be now!) He must be very fond of her, for he gives her one day his chiefest treasure, to wit, a huge pocket-knife with four rusty blades and a corkscrew, which latter has a knack of working itself out in some mysterious manner and sticking into its owner's leg. She is an affectionate little thing, and she throws her arms round his neck and kisses him for it, then and there, outside the shop. But the stupid world (in the person of the boy at the cigar emporium next door) jeers at such tokens of love. Whereupon my young friend very properly prepares to punch the head of the boy at the cigar emporium next door; but fails in the attempt, the boy at the cigar emporium next door punching his instead."

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    Re: "Do up to six times" (Please delete the previous post)

    I'm going to guess your question. In, "He can do up to six times", the 'can' is stressed, not the 'do'.
    "He can do up to six times" doesn't make sense.
    "He can do up to six times" does. It means, He can tell me his favorite fairy-tales up to six times (before he gets tired of it)".
    Another example:
    "He says I can't spell. I can do."

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