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    Separated set of stimuli


    Right now I am reading an old-fashioned story about a parallel reality and I have trouble in understanding clearly what the author means in the bold text. Can anybody help, please?

    "He held forth with peculiar vehemence and with appropriate gestures. He spoke of a new kind of terre−mauvaise, of strange regions, connected, indeed, with definite geographical limits upon the earth, yet somehow apart from them and beyond them. "The relation," he said, "is rather one of parallelism and correspondence than of actual connection. I honestly believe that these regions do exist, and are quite as 'real' in their way as the ordinary world we know. We might say they consist in a special and separated set of stimuli to which only certain minds in certain conditions are able to respond. Such a district seems to be superimposed upon the country to the south−west of this place."

    John Metcalfe, The Bad-lands, 1928

    Thank you

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    Re: Separated set of stimuli

    The "strange regions" are parallel realities of definite geographical locations on the Earth.

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