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    typical of or typical for

    I see there was a thread for this topic which, however, did not offer any definite answer. I wanted to add to the thread but it was closed.
    I am not proficient in English but I have deduced one thing, which I spotted, not sure whether I am correct.
    From what I have seen it appears that the form 'typical for' relates to a person (van Gogh) whereas the 'typical of' relates to everything else (style of van Gogh). Could that be true?

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    Re: typical of or typical for

    No, that's not true. Both are possible, depending on context. Many times, but not always, they can be used interchangeably.

    Consider the following examples.

    This weather is typical for Florida at this time of year.
    It's typical for John to be late.
    That type of nonsense is typical of John.
    Melodramatic responses are typical of North Korea.

    Also, see the 'similar threads' links below.

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