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    I've always had a problem with the usage of These and Those in general conversation or writing. I understand that these is plural when its in front of you, and those its plural when when its not at reach, but the problem that i have is that sometimes its not alway about reach and i want to know which one to use.

    (Let's say that i'm having a conversation with a friend and we talk about what happenned some days before.)

    Example 1: Hey Frank you remember those/these girls we met last night? Did they call you ?

    Example 2: Hey Mike i was talking to these/those girls the other day and they told me something funny about you.

    (Let's say that me and my girlfriend went to see a movie the other day and we're talking about it now.)

    Example 1: I think the problem with these/those actors ,Isabelle, is that they never play in the right movie.

    Example 2: I really enjoy these/those type of movies, i think they're the best ones.

    Thx and advance

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    Re: These/Those

    In your first two examples, the girls are distant in time; 'those' would be used, unless the speaker happened to be showing his friend a photo of the girls he had taken.

    In the third example, either word is possible, depending on how close the speaker thinks the actors are. After the film, the actor would be distant in time, and 'those' would be more likely.

    In the fourth, I think 'these' is more likely while the speakers are in the cinema, 'those' after they have left.

    me and my girlfriend went to see a movie
    my girlfriend and I ...

    enjoy these/those type of movies
    ... those types ...

    Thx and advance
    Thanks in advance.


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