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  1. Ana laura

    Post meaning of sentences


    I read a story and I am asked to explain the following sentences which are in the text:

    1-good living
    2-feeling ha had done his duty
    3- a hastily summoned doctor
    4- a fact that threw doubt on
    5- the public eye
    6- the novelty had worn off
    7- a mere seventeen months

    The first one, reading the text, is the wealthy life of the character.
    but then the second one I dont understand. I know the meaning of duty but I cant explain the sentence in english.Then, I dont know number 3,4,6,7
    but with number 5 I have a doubt:does it mean people?
    Could you help me with this?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: meaning of sentences

    2- literal meaning- he felt he had don e what was expected or could be demanded of him. If things had gone wrong, it would not have been because he had failed to do what was expected.
    3- literal again- the doctor was called quickly, presumably because it was an emergency
    4- the fact made something look wrong in a theory or explanation
    5- if something is in the public eye, it is getting a lot of attention in the media, etc
    6- something had stopped being new and exciting
    7 only 17 months

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