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  1. Ana laura

    Post past perfect vs simple past

    I need help with this pairs of sentences:

    1- Barry knew it was wrong to steal
    2- Barry knew it had been wrong to steal

    3- Sally never saw the film
    4- sally had never seen the film before

    please tell me if this answers are ok:

    3-means she never saw the film?
    4- means sally hadn't seen the film until some day she saw it?
    I am really confused with number 1 and 2.

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    Re: past perfect vs simple past

    1- We don't know whether he stole anything.
    2- He stole, but was aware that it was wrong
    3- She didn't see it and it is longer in the cinemas, etc
    4- She has seen the film now, but it was her first time- it's probably one of those fiolms that everyone else has seen many times, but she had missed it when it came out.

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