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    With the revolutionary alternations in economic and political areas, many social issues have aroused people's attention and hot discussion. There is no doubt that the more rapidly a society advances, the better people's material life will be. But how about the satisfaction of the people? Some people argue as if the rapidly growth of the technology and changes of the world make people more satisfied comparing to the people in the past, while others look at this concept through a different lens. I agree with the latter group and I will explore some of the conspicuous reasons to support my viewpoint as follow.
    The first exquisite point to be mentioned is the change of the employment situation in the past 50 years. As we all know, a successful career in which you can exercise your potential, realize your ambition and gain career achievements will bring you the satisfaction and self-affirmation. Dating back 50 years ago, people were confronted with less competition since the population was controlled by the world-wide war. Specifically, after the war between Iran and Iraq, every career was thriving and almost everyone, no matter well-educated or illiterate, was lucky enough to fit himself into a certain job. However, things are far from promising when entering the new era. The global employment crisis along with the pressure of population explosion has made a lot of educated and uneducated youth not have an appropriate job in which they fit and it make them satisfied.
    Moving on, pollutions brought about by the fast industrialization and the advance of modern technology have rippled through the society. An apparent symptom is that the sky we are under is no longer sapphire and pure, and even the air we respire everyday becomes dirty. Take the capital city of Iran, Tehran, for example. Its notorious smog has not only caused serious traffic accidents but also put its citizens into fear and depression. For these concerns we should like to ask: how can people feel happy and satisfied living in this contaminated environment.
    What equally deserves reproach is the unhealthy eating habit brought about by high speed of modern society. We are living in an age in which the jungle rules prevail. In order to survive and thrive in such a competitive society, people are sparing no effort to keep up with time. It seems that people find it hard to strike a balance between working and daily life. The process of preparing food high in nutrition body building vitamins for a whole family is no longer the source of happiness but becomes the obstacle for people who are focused on dealing with businesses and chasing limited sources. For instance, my high school was a history involved of processed food bought in the supermarket mainly because parents were so busy with their work and they were totally worn out after work.
    Judging from what I have mentioned above, I hold confidence on my view that people are less satisfied than those several decades ago.

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