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    some word has different meaning and pronunciation

    dear my teachers,
    i find that some word has different meaning and pronunciation, may you give me some example or wedsibe?
    i want more , thx!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by helen

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    Re: some word has different meaning and pronunciation

    A homograph is word that has the same spelling as another. Homographs differ from each other in meaning, origin, and sometimes pronunciation.

    These differ in meaning, pronuncaition, and word class:

    wind (noun) [wInd], a natural movement of the air; e.g., The wind sent my papers flying all over the room.

    wind (verb) [wajnd], to twist
    e.g., My watch stopped working. I forgot to wind it this morning.


    live (verb) [lIv], to dwell
    e.g., I live in China.

    live (adjective) [lajv], not recorded
    e.g., The concert was live.


    tear (verb) [tEr], to rip (Note, Er as in the sound hair)
    e.g., Don't tear the wrapping paper!

    tear (noun) [ti:r], a drop of clear liquid produced from a person's eye
    e.g., She teared up when we gave her the gift.


    lead (noun) [lEd], a metal (Note, E as in the sound said)
    e.g., There isn't any lead in this pencil.

    lead (verb) [li:d], what leaders do.
    e.g., Sam is going to lead out team to victory.

    These differ in meaning and pronunication, but share the same word class:

    bow (noun) [bau], the front part of a ship
    e.g. The captian is standing near the bow of the ship.

    bow (noun) [bou], a decorative knot
    e.g., She has a lovely bow in her hair.

    These share the same sound, but differ in word class:

    Time flies like a bird.
    Fruit flies like bananas.

    flies (the verb) and flies (the insects)
    like (the preposition expressing similarity) and like (the verb)


    Go to the store. (preposition)
    Buy two apples. (adjective)
    I like apples too. (adverb)
    I want to eat them. (infinitive marker)

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