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    What is the correct form (if there is any) when using the term thick-skin in following sentence:
    "He has demonstrated certain thick-skinnes"

    Thanks for helping me untangle this :O)

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    Re: Thick-skin

    That doesn't work. Perhaps "He has demonstrated a certain thickness of skin".

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    Re: Thick-skin

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Petr:

    I have checked several dictionaries, and they all agree that "thick-skinned" is ONLY an adjective.

    Your sentence seems to be using it as a noun.

    Perhaps one way to express the meaning of your sentence might be: "He has shown himself to be somewhat thick-skinned." ("Thick-skinned" is an adjective that refers to "himself.")

    As you know, there are two different meanings of "thick-skinned."

    First, it means that you do not feel bad when people criticize you. You just ignore them. There's a humorous saying: "The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on."

    Second, it can also mean that you do not pay attention to criticism when you should do so. It refers to an insensitivity on your part.

    Perhaps you could tell us which meaning you wish to express.

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    Re: Thick-skin

    Or He has shown he has a thick skin.

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