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I am here (predicate adverb). Except that adverb phrases are supposed to be headed only by a preposition or infinitive (I wonder why? and who laid this down!!) and not a participle!! Otherwise, I'd say its an adverb phrase modifying "am".
Huh? That's news to me too. Where did you find that? Let me know. I'm interested in checking it out further. :D

With regard to "I am (situated) here (by X's doing)", reflexive, here modifies situated, a participle: I am situated (participle) in this location (prepositional phrase). predicate adjective

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Predicate Adjective
I am typing.
==> Typing I am. (Not OK)
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No, that's not a predicate adjective. My post said this one is the present continuous, to contrast with the usage of "going".
Yes. I agree with you there. I was only testing it out to show you that I agreed with you. :D

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Thanks for the input, Cas.
Oh, I'm not letting you off that easy. :D I took the time to think over your analysis. I'm waiting for you to further prove to me that 'going to' is a predicate adjective. Please. :D