Hello! This is my essay about why we should choose local busiess. May I ask you for correcting it? It'd be so nice of you!
I'd love to know what natives think about this paper because I've been preparing for CAE for a while and still have no clue whether this kind of writing is even close to CAE level.

Globalisation made it possible for people to buy the same products for comparable prices wherever they live. Beneficial as it may be for customers, it's a massive drawback for entrepreneurs, specifically the local and small ones. By and large, we buy products that are made elsewhere, whereas regional business flounder through to find new markets. There are multiple reasons why we should dispose of a bad habit of buying the cheapest stuff but there is one main that, in my opinion, is pivotal.
Above all other advantages, buying local goods is somewhat an investment. If one buys goods at a local shop, it not only increases revenue for a retailer, but also reinforces tens of people who work for this retailer. It is estimated that one dollar spent in a local shop produces up to 5 dollars in total revenue for local business as a whole, which may well be spent for developments in enterprises. For that reason, the money circulates among locals and it may benefit the community in some indirect way. As an example, take a football club that is sponsored by a local shop's owners. In a word, money spent within the community one lives in should be considered a future investment, not necessarily an expense.
In my view, it is essentially important for us to change our habits and take account of possible local benefits. Price should not be longer our decisive marker for purchasing commodities. By changing current customs and buying local goods, people may vastly influence their community such that it will thrive.