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    the opposites, the noun and the verb

    Hello dear teachers,
    Could you, please, share your wisdom and help me with these mysterious words?

    1. What is the verb of the adjective 'responsible'? if there is such a thing. it isn't respond or response, is it?
    2. Am I correct to believe that the noun of 'responsible' is responsibility? It can't be 'response', can it?

    3. There are something else which confused me a lot. if it's not too much trouble, could you tell me, what the opposites of these objectives are:


    Thank you very much in advanced
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    Re: the opposites, the noun and the verb

    1. There is no single-word verb from 'responsible'. No.

    2. Yes. No.

    3. You mean 'adjectives' — not 'objectives'.

    Click here to find synonyms and antonyms (opposites). Take care though: they cannot all be used in all contexts.

    (Bookmark the site for future reference.)

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