Hello everyone, my name is Robert LIU, I am a Chinese Headhunter. I need to sent lots of Greeting emails to candidates everyday.
Today, my manager checked my wording and said it was not good, so I really appreciate your help to correct my wording, I really really want to be better :)

▅ Here is my Greeting email:

Greeting with a new role from Executive Headhunter Robert

Dear xxx,

Thanks so much for your time and it's my honor to contact with you.
This is Robert, recruitment Associate from xxx Associates - an UK Executive Searching firm in Shanghai/Beijing/Hongkong.

We handle executive roles for leading companies in industries including Consulting, PE/VC, Real Estate and IT.

Now we are seeking for talent for Commercial Real Estate President role for one of the TOP10 Chinese real estate group in Beijing.
We are connected on Linkedin so we know your personal email but no mobile.
We know you are working in xxx company and we hope to know better of your expectation and background for long-term cooperation.

It will be appreciated if you would reply your personal mobile for our future cooperation or this role.

Have a nice day and look forward to your kindly comment :)

A small step to know you and me today means a big step for our valuable cooperation tomorrow :)