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    perceive that others are held

    Still another reason for promoting ethics in business is a personal one. Most people want to act in ways that are consistent with their own sense of right and wrong. Being pressured to contradict their personal values creates emotional stress for people. Knowing that one works in a supportive ethical climate contributes to one's sense of psychological security. An Ethics Resource Center report noted that when employees "perceive that others are held accountable for their actions," the overall employee satisfaction at work is 32 percent higher.

    Does this mean "when your coworker or boss commits a bad thing but doesn't hold you accountable for it, you may be relieved"?

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    Re: perceive that others are held

    No, it means when you know that other people do get punished for wrongdoing, it makes people happier. To know they live in a just environment and do not have to bend or break their own ethics in order to be a successful part of the team.

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