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When we learn new things in schools,teachers usually underscore the importance of learning facts.However,the significance of understanding ideas and concepts is always understated.In my view,it is of paramount importance for us to understand concepts and ideas.

First,learning facts doesn't give us a long term memory of the knowledge we have assimilated.By learning facts,we may be able to score higher in exams or tests.As we absorb more knowledge,we will eventually forget the things we have learned before.Only by understanding the ideas and concepts can the knowledge last long.Since we have a deep understanding of a subject,we will be able to remember it better.

Second,understanding facts is not always viable in real-life situations.As there is limited space in text books and encyclopaedias,we cannot learn all facts in the world.Also,we do not have enough time to study all facts in the word.For example,there is a raft of theories in a maths textbooks;however,we will always encounter new questions that we are unfamiliar with in tests.We can only tackle the challenging questions by understanding the rudimentary ideas behind different topics.By using concepts and ideas ,we will be able to understand things better and develop our thinking ability.Thus,we can solve different types of problems in actual situations.

Lastly,it is not necessary for us to learn all facts as we live in a technological era.Our smartphones and tablets can be used to store information for usWhile we are spending more time focusing on understanding ideas and concepts,we can also add things to the ideas or contrive things that help to improve our lives by using concepts.Thus,learning concepts actually encourages creativity and innovation,which is crucial nowadays.

All in all,I think it is more important for us to learn concepts and ideas than to memorise facts.