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Thread: Watery medium

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    Watery medium


    Can a good soul tell me what the author means in the bold text?

    Thinking thus, he walked on steadily, and it was not long before certain words 4 of the man he had met rose with uneasy suggestion to the surface of his mind. What, he asked himself, was Fennington? Somehow he did not think that the name stood for another village; rather, the word seemed to connect itself ominously with the dream he had had some little time ago. He shuddered, and had not walked many paces further before he found that his instinct was correct. Opposite him, across a shallow valley, stood that white house, dimly set in giant pine. Here the winds seemed almost visible as they strove in those lofty trees and the constant rush by of the weeping sky behind made all the view seem to tear giddily through some unreal, watery medium. A striking resemblance of the pines to palm−trees and a queer effect of light which brought the white fašade shaking bright against the sailing cloud−banks gave the whole a strangely exotic look.

    John Metcalfe, The Bad Lands, 1928

    Thank you

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    Re: Watery medium

    See definition 2A here. It was like looking at the scene through water - shapes were blurred and distorted.

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