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    Hello! Will you help me?

    The other day I read a phrase, and I didn't know what did it mean.And it is "ifs and buts".And can you provide me some sentences?

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    Re: Hello! Will you help me?

    ifs <if, if, if,> conditions
    buts <but, but, but> excuses

    EX: You better do your homework. No ifs or buts. (No conditions, no excuses).

    condition: I will do it only if I can watch TV after I finish.
    excuse: But I can't find my book.

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    Re: Hello! Will you help me?


    It's part of an English saying :

    "If ifs and ands were pots and pans, there'd be no trade for tinkers' hands."

    (In French, we say "With ifs, one could put Paris in a bottle")

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    thank you very much!


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