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    Just-fell-off-the-turnip-truck grin


    Can anybody help me with the bold text. Do not know what it means ...

    "You know, Harlan," he said to me, leaning in and grinning that Midwestern just-fell-off-the-turnip-truck grin, "we are brothers, y'know. You and I, together."
    I grinned back at him with my hayseed Midwestern mien, onaccounta we are both paid liars, one from Waukegan and one from Cleveland, and I played his straight man by responding, "How's that, Ray?"

    Harlan, Ellison, The Weariness, 2012

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Just-fell-off-the-turnip-truck grin

    It means he had an unsophisticated, simple grin that suggest a low level of education. A straight man is the person who helps a comedian without being funny themselves, so he makes a straight, serious answer that allows the person the opportunity to be funny.

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