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    Write a dog


    I would like to know what write a dog means. The context is:

    I was working at Paramount at the time, on one or another of the crippled creations Rouse and Greene had hired me to do for vast sums of money (I was in my "hot 15" at the time). And Leigh, whom I'd known since my teens in Ohio, was writing a dog for Howard Hawks called Red Line 7000, starring James Caan (who, coincidentally, played the role of Harlan Ellison in an Alfred Hitchcock Hour based on my Memos from Purgatory only a year or so earlier).

    Harlan Ellison, The Weariness, 2012


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    Re: Write a dog


    I take it to mean Harlan Ellison believes that the film "Red Line 7000" is not a good one. (Meaning 2.4

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    Re: Write a dog

    Not a good one as in utter rubbish.

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