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    complex sentence

    Help me about the exaxt meaning of the following sentence, please!

    "Around the heap stand seven or eight Arab, men of that trade, every one with a staff in hand, who set to work to thresh it, striking all together. And one of them sings out, from one up to a settled number, the rest answering at each stroke in the same tone."

    Note: It is from an old itinerarym from 400 years ago
    Thanke very very much

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    Re: complex sentence

    Before modern day machinery, grain crops had to be collected by hand. This involved cutting the stalks of the plants, and piling them into large heaps. Then the piles were threshed, which means hitting the seed heads to separate the grain from the stalks.

    So, there is a group of seven or eight Arab men standing around one of these piles, each with a staff (wooden rod) to thresh the grain. One of them sings out a number, counting up from one to previously agreed upon number. After he says each number the others in the group repeat the number in the same manner, while swinging their staves to thresh the grain.

    The counting and replying serves to establish a working rhythm. Collective group work is sometimes done to a song or rhythm.

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