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  1. errors in text

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    I am reading this text which has errors but I have to identify them. I think I can identify some but I am not really sure. Maybe because I am not a native speaker so I need one that can read it. =)

    the text is the following:

    'So what is the ball lightning? At a recent conference, scientific experts grew increasingly hot under their academic collars, their only explanations ranging from glowing micro-meteorites to fields out of energy that condense then into balls of light at their centre.
    Yet the sheer colume of evidence does point to one very neat theory. Many sightings must happen towards the end of a ferocious thunderstorm. The balls often precede a huge bolt of lightning. The current which leaks before that the flash is in the form of a glowing ball that is attracted to electrical equipment in too confined spaces-hence its floating into aircraft and houses.'

    I think in line 5 'very' is wrong.but what else?

    The only thing I know is that there are 11 lines and only 4 are OK.
    Could you help me?
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: a.laura

    1 article usage
    3 prepositional usage
    3 conjunction error
    5 spelling
    6 modal usage
    7 article usage
    8 prepositional error (homophone)


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