Dear Mr. X
According to the enormous number of people who like to have an international certification for commercial dive in our country and around country and because of we have no institute inside of Iran
That Give international certificate to the students, we are looking for investors, joint operation, or other
Forms of cooperation to build the center for training people and give them international license
So if you are interested to this subject give us any information and detail for next cooperation.
Positive reason to this job:

  1. Need international certification for travel and immigrate to another country for who have local license right now, and beginner.
  2. Need international certification to got higher income for person who works inside of Iran and around country .
  3. After sanction disable of Iran there are so many opportunity for person who want to serve services inside of Iran .
  4. Low rate of Iran currency against foreign currency that make the way softer for who want to train commercial dive in Iran with lowest price and best condition.