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    A morpheme or not?

    Dear members and teachers:

    Knowing that a morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language, I have the following doubt:

    In regard to the possessive adjective ''your'' and the possessive pronoun ''yours'', are ''s'' and ''sr'' morphemes having ''you'' as its base morpheme or root word?


    As far as I can understand, when ''r'' is added to the base morpheme ''you'', it changes the word from a subject pronoun to a possessive adjective; it adds a meaning to the base morpheme ''you''. Therefore, ''r'' functions as a uniqu
    e morpheme for this word, not as a morpheme by itself, as preffixes and suffixes do and which are independent morphemes for such a grammatical category/ such grammatical categories; ''r'' is a dependable morpheme of the base morpheme or root word ''you''.

    As for me, the same happens to ''yours.''
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    Re: A morpheme or not?

    Yes, I'd call it a "bound morpheme", as opposed to 'you' which is 'free' or 'unbound'.

    You could possibly call it the possessive morpheme of 'you', since the second of the above links gives 's' as the "plural morpheme", as in 'cats'.
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