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    Exclamation Need hellp with Questionnaire about Bilingualism

    My name is Karina and I am already an English teacher but now I am doing my MA in TESOL at university in Liverpool(UK). I'm writing my dissertation about bilingualism and I don't have much time ( till September!), therefore I need your help badly.I have to survey naitive and non-native ESL teachers who teach advanced learners. I need to gather a lot of questionnaires(100) and it is really difficult. I would be greatful if you took time to answer the questions that I've left below.You would help me a lot. All comments will be appreciated.
    The answers could be e-mailed to me at the address shown below or posted as a reply to this posting.Many, many thanks in advance.


    [email protected]


    Gender: M/F (circle the letter)

    Mother Tongue:

    1.How long have you been speaking English?(skip this question if you are a native speaker)

    2.Have you ever lived in English speaking country? If yes, for how long? (skip this question if you are a native speaker)

    3.Do you have opportunity to speak English outside work? How often?(skip this question if you are a native

    4.Do you consider yourself to be bilingual? Justify your answer
    (skip this question if you are a native speaker)

    5.How would you define bilingualism or bilingual person? (Answer as fully as you can)

    6.Do you think that any of your students is or will ever become bilingual? If yes, what percentage and why? If no, explain why.

    7.What would your students need to become bilingual?


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    Re: Need hellp with Questionnaire about Bilingualism

    5 I would still regard it as being fluent in two languages. It could either be two languages acquired as a child or learned later, but unless the person is able to function as readily in both, then I would not use the term bilingual, so nothing less than a very advanced level. though not necessarily perfect, would qualify. The trend towards using the term at lower levels makes no sense to me.
    6 Yes- quite a few. I teach students doing academic courses in English, so many reach that level.
    7 The ability to do anything they can do in their own language with minimal assistance from external sources like dictionaries, much the same way as a native speaker can, at a broadly similar pace.

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